Design Thinking Workshop in Sofia

Dr. Bülent Gümüş, Outspeed Startup Project Key Expert, held a Design Thinking workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria on 15 November 2019. Around 30 project managers and experts from various sectors attended the workshop.

Dr. Gümüş, after introducing the Outspeed Startup project at the beginning of the workshop, shared the fundamentals of product/service design and the design thinking approach. Dr. Gümüş mentioned about the stages of Design Thinking which are define, ideate, prototype and test in his presentation.

Workshop participants, later, worked on a simple hands-on project to “design the ideal wallet” using the Design Thinking principles. Participants learned the importance of getting “insights” about the customers, generating many ideas rather than only one idea and getting early and frequent feedback from the customers. They also understood the value of “showing” rather than “telling” the design solution to the customers to get better feedback.

The workshop was beneficial in terms of increasing the awareness of human-centered design approach and the importance of these types of approaches in the success of startups.

Startups Project Management with Entrepreneurship Program Managers in İstanbul

We held a seminar with the managers of incubation centers and Technology Transfer Offices to discuss the place and importance of project management in startup trainings on 25 October in Kolektif House Levent, İstanbul.

At the start of the event, Gökçe Phillips, Outspeed Startup Project Manager, introduced the project and shared the preliminary results of the startup survey with the audience.

Bülent Gümüş, our Startup Key Expert, explained the differences between the startup projects and the contract-based or customer-based projects. He stated that one of the biggest challenges of startups in terms of project management is defining the scope and he, then, briefly talked about the favorite startup tools and methods such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Lean Business Canvas.

Algın Erozan, our Project Management Key Expert, explained the basic concepts and terminologies of project management. He emphasized that the agile or hybrid project management lifecycle should be used in startup projects as the project scope needs to be defined in many iterations.

The managers of incubation centers and Technology Transfer Offices stated that the current startup training curriculum does not generally include the project management topics such as scope definition, work breakdown structure and project activities identification, duration and cost estimation, scheduling, stakeholder management, risk management, etc. They also stated that the Startup Project Management Practice Guide and the training materials that will be produced in the Outspeed Startup project will be very helpful for the startups and startup training designers.

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We Had Our Second Monitoring Visit

Barış Uysal,  Grant Monitoring Expert and Ayşe Tolunay, EU Affairs Expert, visited the project Office on October 23 to review the Outspeed Startup project for the second time.

After the project team informed Barış Uysal and Ayşe Tolunay in detail about the progress of the project, Barış Uysal and Ayşe Tolunay reviewed the required documents for the project. In particular, the authorities examined the budget of the project and the expenditures within the budget. Authorities answered the project team’s questions on this issue and the authorities shared their opinions to the project team. Apart from that, authorities reviewed visibility materials, social media sharing, events and project website. Also,the project team mentioned about the activities the team plan to do and the materials the team plan to prepare in the future

It was an efficient meeting between authorities and project team.

Outspeed Startup Project Partners Made Their First Workshop

Outspeed Startup project partners came together in France to carry out their first workshop. The workshop was held in Paris on 27-28 September. Outspeed Startup project experts Bülent Gümüş,Gökçe Phiilips and Algın Erozan from PMI Turkey, Mark Gray from PMI France, Mihail Mihailov from PMI Bulgaria and Igor Mrzlikar from PMI Slovenia participated in the workshop.

The workshop topics were the practice guide, the surveys which are applied to startups and mentors, and the planned web portal. But, main purpose of the workshop was to work on the Practice Guide. Firstly, Gökçe Phillips  and Bülent Gümüs gave a presentation on the Project initiating section of the Guide since this sets the scope and the flow of the Practice Guide and then they did many discussions on the content, level of detail and flow of the Practice Guide. Especially, Mark Gray, Igor Mrzlikar worked on execution and planning phase of practice guide and Algın Erozan, Mihail Mihailov worked on introduction and closing phase of practice guide.

Consequently, Project members achieved a better understanding and agreement on the content, language and flow of the Guide. Team members provided feedback on the draft Guide to the Section Owners.

The Project Management Seminar for Startup and Entrepreneurship Programme Managers at Ankara Development Agency

The Project Management Seminar for Start-up and Entrepreneurship Programme Managers was held on 10 October at Ankara Development Agency.

Technology Transfer Office and Incubation Centre representatives from Hacettepe, TOBB, Cankaya,THKU and Ankara University were present at the event.

Gökçe Phillips, the technical leader of the OutSpeed Startup project, summarised the objectives and the roadmap of the OutSpeed Startup project. After introducing the project, she presented the preliminary results of the Survey conducted among start-ups to understand their perspective of Project Management.

At the second part of the event, Gökçe Phillips briefly discussed Lean Start-up Design Thinking and some other start-up methodologies and emphasised how PMI tools and methods can support and provide a solid infrastructure to blend all these methodologies.

The interactive discussion about the current training courses at the Technology Transfer Offices and incubation centres were also listed and discussed in terms of their relation to Project Management.

As part of the Outspeed Start-up Project, a Project Management Practice Guide for Start-ups will be produced and the team will deliver training courses to start-ups and informative sessions to mentors and incubation centres.

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Project Management for Startups Seminar at Bilkent Cyberpark

Project Management for Startups Seminar was held on 18 September 2019 at Bilkent Cyberpark.

Our project key expert Dr. Bülent Gümüş shared his knowledge and experience on project management, entrepreneurship and startups. We had a very active participation consisting of startups from Cyberpark as well as Cyberpark management, mentors and academicians.

Dr. Bülent Gümüş talked about basic concepts of Startup world, favorite startup tools such as Lean Startup, Lean Business Canvas and Design Thinking, basic concepts of Project Management world and few examples of PM Tools & Techniques such as Stakeholder Analysis, PERT and Risk Management. He also shared the preliminary results of the OutSpeed Start-up survey with the audience. The participants took part in the Startup and Mentor surveys as well.

There were few questions and discussions at the end of the presentation on topics like main reasons for startup failures, how to handle scope uncertainties in startups, how to communicate with potential customers and stakeholders and how to assess risks.

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Algın Erozan Made a Presentation at Bilge Adam Career Days

Bilge Adam Career Days were held on 21-22 September. In this event organized by Bilge Adam, many experts in various fields such as project management and software made important presentations.

Algın Erozan, key expert in Outspeed Startup Project, was also one of the speakers in this event. He made a presentation about Project Management for Startups and participants showed great interest in the event.

Algın Erozan started his presentation by explaining the concepts commonly used in the startup ecosystem. Later, he talked about favorite startup tools such as Design Thinking, Lean Canvas and Lean Startup. In the last section, he  shared the OutSpeed Startup survey results with the audiences.

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The Project Management Seminar For Start up Mentors in Ankara

The Project Management Seminar for Start-up’s mentors was held on 1 August at Ankara Development Agency.

The event started with the opening speech of Muhammed Ali Oflaz who is Ankara Development Agency Investment Support Office Coordinator. Muhammed Ali Oflaz expressed his satisfaction that Ankara Development Agency took part in the Outspeed Start-up project as an associate. He also stressed that they value the startup ecosystem.

After the opening speech, Gökçe Phillips, technical leader of the Outspeed Start-up project, briefly talked about the aims and objectives of the project.

After Gökçe Phillips’s speach, Outspeed Start-up project expert Bülent Gümüş made his presentation to talk about Project Management for Mentors. In the first part of his presentation, Bülent Gümüş started out to touch on the basic concepts in the start-up ecosystem and project management.

At the second part of the seminar, Bülent Gümüş performed his presentation in a more interactive way. He asked the mentors about the main reasons for the failure of the start-ups and he talked about it. He also asked the mentors “when does the Startup project start and when does it end”.

At the last part of the event, Gökçe Phillips shared the results of the survey which is conducted by the Outspeed Start-up project for startups and mentors.

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